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Why Is Zika Important During Pregnancy?

  • A woman infected with Zika virus during pregnancy can pass the virus to her developing baby.
  • Infection with Zika virus during pregnancy can cause microcephaly (where the baby’s head is smaller than expected, a sign of incomplete brain development) and other severe brain defects in fetuses and infants.


  • Detection of Zika virus infection in the mother does not mean there is definite harm to the developing baby. Some women who had Zika virus infection during pregnancy have delivered apparently healthy babies.

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Zika Virus Real-Time RT-PCR is intended for the qualitative detection of RNA from Zika virus in human plasma, serum or urine.

Healthcare providers are strongly encouraged to collect serum specimens alongside other specimen types to provide additional opportunities for diagnosing Zika virus infection in cases when PCR tests are negative.

Read the FDA approved Zika Virus Real-Time RT-PCR Test Fact Sheet for Patients

ZIKV Detect™ IgM Capture ELISA is intended for the presumptive detection of Zika virus IgM antibodies in serum samples.

Both tests are intended for individuals meeting Zika virus clinical criteria and/or Zika virus epidemiological criteria. No FDA-cleared or approved tests exists for Zika virus infection. However, the FDA has authorized the use of these tests under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Information regarding the Zika virus is changing regularly. For the most current Zika news and updates, please visit

Read the FDA approved Zika Virus IgM Test Fact Sheet for Patients

Zika testing is performed through our sister laboratory, Viracor Eurofins.

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