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Condition Gene Mutations
Bloom Syndrome BLM 2281del6ins7, 2407insT, Q645X, Q700X, R899X
Canavan Disease ASPA 433-2A>G, Y231X*, A305E, E285A
Cystic Fibrosis CFTR 142 mutation panel including 23 ACMG recommended mutations
Familial Dysautonomia IKBKAP 2204+6T>C, R696P
Fanconi Anemia Type C FANCC 322delG, IVS4+4A>T, R548X, Q13X, R185X, L554P
Gaucher Disease Type 1 GBA 84GG, del55bp, IVS2+1G>A, D409H, D409V, L444P, N370S, R463C, R463H, R496H, V394L
Mucolipidosis Type IV MCOLN1 Exon1 – Exon7del (Del6.4kb), IVS3-2A>G
Niemann-Pick Type A SMPD1 fsP330, R610del, H423Y, L302P,R476W, R496L, T324I
Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMN1 Gene dosage
Tay-Sachs Disease HEXA 1278insTATC, del7.6kb, 1421+1G>C, IVS7+1G>A, IVS9+1G>A, E462V, G250D, G269S, R170W, R178H, R247W, R249W

*Testing for these mutations is recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG).

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