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Is Prenatal Screening Covered by my Insurance?

NTD has many contracts with national and regional health plans throughout the United States. As with any medical screen, test or procedure, however, prenatal screening is not guaranteed to be a covered benefit by all health plans under all circumstances. The best way to confirm if the prenatal screening tests offered from NTD are covered by your insurance plan is to contact your plan directly, by calling the phone number on your insurance membership card.

When you speak with your insurance company, they may ask you for the following information about NTD’s prenatal screening tests:

Eurofins NTD, LLC. Tax ID# 112659192


NTD In Network Providers


Test Name CPT Codes
First Trimester Screen | Fß 84163, 84704, 82105
Maternal Fetal ScreenSM | T1 84163, 84704, 82105, 86336, 83520
Y Chromosome Assessment 81400
Preeclampsia ScreenTM | T1 84163, 82105, 83520
Sequential Screen | Fß 82105, 84704, 82677, 86336
Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) 82105

The amount you may have to pay for prenatal screening will depend upon your specific insurance plan (e.g., PPO, HMO, etc.). In all cases, if a copayment is required by your plan, NTD is required by law to bill you directly for this copayment amount. Further, if you have an outstanding deductible which makes you responsible for all or part of the cost of your prenatal screening test, NTD is also required by law to bill you directly for the applicable amount. Finally, if your plan covers only a specific percentage of laboratory testing, then NTD is required by law to bill you directly for the percentage which is your contracted responsibility.

If NTD’s prenatal screening tests are not a covered benefit with my insurance plan, what can I expect to pay?

The list price found below is the maximum amount you would be responsible to pay NTD for each prenatal screening test listed. Please note that this does not include the cost of the ultrasound, which may be required to produce a result (ultrasound would be performed either at your doctor’s office or at an ultrasound location). After testing is completed, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement from your insurance provider. This is not a bill, but you should review your EOB. NTD will then send separately a bill for any financial responsibility per the EOB as directed by your insurance provider. If the Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company is different from what is reported on your NTD invoice, please call us toll free at 844-267-3271.

First Trimester Screen | Fß $240
Preeclampsia ScreenTM | T1 $240
Maternal Fetal ScreenSM | T1

Y Chromosome Assessment



Sequential Screen | Fß $280
Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) $80
NTD Test Name Test List Price

In many circumstances, patients with insurance not covered by one of our numerous national and regional health plans may qualify for reduced pricing. Upon receipt of your bill, please contact our Billing Department at 844-267-3271 to see if you qualify.

Does NTD offer patients assistance to pay their bill?

If your plan does not cover prenatal screening tests offered from NTD or if you do not have insurance, then you may be eligible for a reduced rate under NTD’s Patient Assistance Program. Under this program, NTD will provide a discount on a sliding scale for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured and meet Federal Poverty Guidelines.

To get complete details on the Patient Assistance Program, please call us toll free at 844-267-3271.

How can I pay my bill to NTD?

Paying your bill is easy!

  1. Pay by Mail
    You can mail a check/money order made out to NTD, or include your credit card information, with your invoice and send the payment to the following address:
    Eurofins NTD, LLC.
    Dept # 2681
    PO Box 11407
    Birmingham, AL 35246-2681
  2. Pay Online
    Click here for access to our secure online payment portal.
  3. Pay by Phone
    You can call NTD Billing Department toll free at 844-267-3271 and ask to pay your bill by phone using a credit card.

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