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Please select the following link in order to complete the preauthorization needed for Eurofins NTD Genetics’ genetic test offerings.

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Eurofins NTD Genetics is in-network with most of the healthcare insurance plans and we are happy to submit to any health care insurance plan on behalf of the patient. All patients are responsible for required copays, coinsurance, and deductibles per their health care insurance plan.  We know that insurance coverage can be complicated so we are happy to help provide guidance for patients undergoing our screening tests. Our team of billing specialists will explain all of the available payment options and help them to choose the best plan.

To help your patients manage their out-of-pocket responsibility, we offer the following options:

Out-Of-Network (“OON”) Plans

Eurofins NTD Genetics works to ensure that all patients have access to high quality screening and will work with your patients to provide an affordable OON solution.   Patients can call 470-378-2300 within 30 days of receiving their explanation of benefits (EOB) from the insurance carrier or a statement from NTD Genetics to speak with a billing specialist.

Financial Assistance

Patients with a financial hardship may be eligible for financial assistance. Please direct your patient to contact an NTD Genetics Account Specialist at 470-378-2300 or e-mail us to see if they qualify.

If you need more information about NTD Genetics' billing policies

Please reach out to us at 470-378-2300, or email us at

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