NTD Eurofins – A History of Innovation

Since its inception, NTD Eurofins has demonstrated a history of innovation, beginning with its work in neural tube defect research and continuing to where it stands today, at the forefront of prenatal care and genetic screening.

NTD Eurofins was the first to introduce;

Today, NTD Eurofins provides first and second trimester prenatal screening, genetic carrier screening, and hereditary cancer screening services to universities, medical centers, hospitals, laboratories, obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialists worldwide through an accredited facility owned and operated by Eurofins Scientific. With an unwavering commitment to quality, combined with industry-leading best practices, NTD Eurofins remains at the forefront of research and innovation in maternal fetal healthcare industry.

Over Three Decades of Prenatal Screening

NTD Timeline

  1. 1976


    First AFP screening for neural tube defects introduced in the United States of America by James N. Macri.

  2. 1983

    NTD Labs Founded

    NTD Labs was incorporated  by Dr. Macri as a prenatal screening and research laboratory.

  3. 1989

    Free Beta hCG

    Discovered free beta hCG as the most discriminatory biochemical marker for Down syndrome.

  4. 1995

    First Trimester Screen | Fß

  5. 2003

    Landmark NICHD Study

    Large multi-center study published in the New England Journal of Medicine validates the advantages of the free Beta hCG/PAPP-A/NT protocol.

  6. 2005

    Nasal Bone Assessment

    Fetal nasal bone assessment protocol introduced as part of NTD Labs first trimester Down syndrome screening protocol.

  7. 2007

    Instant Risk Assessment

    NTD introduces web portal to facilitate Instant Risk Assessment reporting within the Down syndrome screening protocol.

  8. 2013

    Early Onset Preeclampsia Screen

    NTD introduces the first serum screening test for early onset preeclampsia in the U.S.

  9. 2013


    NTD offers verifi cell free DNA screening through Illumina, Inc.


  10. 2015

    AFP in First Trimester

    NTD enhances it’s screening protocol with the addition of alpha fetoprotein (AFP) in the first trimester to improve the detection rate of Down syndrome. Learn more

  11. 2016

    Eurofins NTD Acquisition

    NTD is acquired by Eurofins Scientific. Learn more.

  12. 2017

    Maternal Fetal ScreenSM | T1

    NTD launches Maternal Fetal ScreenSM | T1, offering both T21, 18/13 and early onset preeclampsia risk assessment results on one patient report. Learn more.

  13. 2018

    NTD Offers Genetic Testing

    NTD joins with sister laboratory,  EGL Genetics, to offer genetic carrier and hereditary cancer screening services.